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Have you wanted to train in martial arts but cannot find a studio close by or one with open hours that match your schedule? Maybe you want to train with privacy but cannot afford to pay for one-on-one lessons? Perhaps you've found a good studio, but the monthly fees and long-term contracts have prevented you from taking that first step? What if we told you that you could not only train from the privacy of your own home but also have access to the training materials to take you all the way from a complete beginner to a black belt?  Would you be interested? What if we were to tell you that the materials we offer were created by real black belt instructors with a combined experience of 60 years? What if we also told you that our online black belt coursework would save you money when compared to the in-person studio price? Would you be interested?  If so, please read on...

You'll receive from us:

  • Blocking and deflection techniques

  • Kicking and knee striking techniques

  • Punching, chopping, elbows, hammer-fist, and palm techniques

  • Joint locks and pain compliance holds

  • Throws and takedowns

  • Weapon control, retention, and weapon strip techniques

  • How to warm up and stretch

  • Avoiding danger and situational awareness

  • Fighting from kicking, striking, and grappling range

  • Comprehensive breakdowns of techniques so you learn step by step

  • And much, much more!




Syllabus fees:

  • 1- time WBBB membership fee* $50

  • White belt training syllabus: $60/Month (2 month minimum)


  • White belt w/Yellow stripe syllabus: Coming soon

  • Yellow belt syllabus: Coming soon

  • Orange belt syllabus: Coming soon

  • Green belt syllabus: Coming soon

  • Green belt w/Blue stripe syllabus: Coming soon

  • Blue belt syllabus: Coming soon

  • Blue belt w/Red stripe syllabus: Coming soon

  • Red belt syllabus: Coming soon

  • Red belt w/Black stripe syllabus: Coming soon

  • Black belt to 1st Dan syllabus: Coming soon

*WBBB or World Black Belt Bureau membership fee is mandatory for anyone testing for rank advancement. This is a 1-time fee and does not require renewal.

Rank testing fees* and rates:

  • White Belt w/Yellow Stripe through Orange Belt: $60 per test

  • Green Belt through Blue w/Red Stripe: $80 per test

  • Red Belt through Red w/ Black Stripe: $100 per test

  • Provisional Black Belt (Candidate) $150

  • 1st Dan Black Belt: No additional fee

*Testing for rank advancement can be done either virtually or in our studio. If you wish to test in our studio, an approved uniform is required. We can provide a uniform for you for a fee of $50 plus additional shipping. If you wish to receive a belt with each rank advancement, we can provide you with one for a fee of $7 plus shipping. Rank certificates will be sent via USPS for $10.

*Current in-person students will have free access to online materials for their current rank.

White Belt Course

White Belt Course

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